What's included in the price?

All food and purified water is covered during the tour and you'll get plenty but not alcohol. Bi-lingual tour guide passionate about food and your enjoyment. Our guide will do all the ordering and ‘negotiation’ with food-sellers, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan tours?

We're very happy to cater to vegetarians and vegans. You can let us know at the checkout when you purchase your ticket of your requirements or contact us.

Are tours child friendly?

Yes, we're happy to make sure the little ones get a taste and understanding of all the food on offer.

How far do we walk?

In total we walk about 2.5km's during each 3 hour tour but we take lots of stops and there's opportunities to sit down and chill.

Do you provide transport to or from our hotel?

The ticket price does not include your transportation unless clearly stated. Upon booking we will confirm the meeting location. At the end of the tour though, our guides are happy to help you safely find a taxi or bus.

Are tours held in bad weather?

Tours are held rain or shine. It is rainy season May/June to October here so there is a chance you'll see rain during these months but with a good umbrella and the right attitude, it's all part of the Yangon experience! We only cancel our tours in the unlikely event of extreme bad weather. In that case, we will try our best to reschedule your tour or refund you.

Do the tours start and end at the same location?

Tours do not end in the same place they start. Upon booking your tour we will give you detailed information of the finishing location.

Should we tip our guide?

If you have enjoyed yourselves on the tour, we encourage you to tip your guide for a job well done, but this is not obligatory.

Is street food safe?

We've handpicked all the eateries and vendors we visit. We choose busy places that are popular and busy with locals so there's a high turn-over of food and it's not left exposed in the heat for long periods. All ice we use is made from purified water and cooked dishes are prepared well done to high temperatures.

There's certain foods and drinks that we will see and we will happily explain to you but do not recommend eating or tasting them because there's a risk your stomach won't be used to it. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Can't we figure this out without a guide?

Having been closed off from the rest of the world for decades, Myanmar food hasn't travelled abroad like the dishes of its Thai or Chinese neighbours. Therefore there's going to be a whole load of local dishes you didn't know existed or how to order them to get the best experience.

Don't risk eating at unsafe places, it's the perfect way to lose a few valuable days of travel time through sickness. We want you to experience all the local dishes while looking out for your health at the same time.

The internet has only seriously become part of Myanmar society over the last few years therefore a bunch of vendors we take you to don't have a website or Lonely Planet link. Without our local knowledge you'd never find them or be able to communicate with them in a common tongue.

Rest assured with our local guide, we know this city like the back of our hand. On the tour it will be common for you and the group to disappear down a quiet side-street to some obscure vendor then pop out the other side into a bustling street again.

Can we cancel or reschedule our tour?

Tickets cannot be refunded as your space is guaranteed on the tour once purchased. Refunds are therefore not allowed for no shows, or late arrivals. However, rescheduling a tour is possible in the event your new requested tour date and time is still available.

How much notice is required when booking?

Please give at least 24 hours notice before booking and inform us of your requested date at the checkout or by email. You can telephone us for any last minute bookings on 09 767 193 757 but no guarantees we can fit you in on a tour but we'll always try.

For more information on our booking and cancellation policy please click here