Giving you a fascinating & fun experience of Yangon street food is what we do. Thank you to our previous customers for their feedback below & to see more check out our TripAdvisor page:

The best way to get a feel for Myanmar Food

My friends and I had an excellent experience with Sa Ba Street Food Tours. The guides were extremely informative and while they had a well thought out route. By the end of the tour we had built not only an understanding, but a strong appreciation, for Myanmar street food - truly one of the best in Asia!
— Dane from USA
Experienced a side of Yangon we couldn’t have done alone! Very informative guides both about food, culture and language. A must do while in town! 10/10
— Tia from Australia
So good we went twice! (Dinner and Trishaw Tours)

This is was more than just a food tour as our guide provided great insights into the culture and life in Yangon.
Sa Ba Food Tours provides the perfect introduction for a trip to Myanmar. Burmese food is a revelation!
— Steven, UK
A beer on 19th Street - Yangon Street Food Walking Tour
Deep fried bugs - Yangon Street Food Tour
A must do tour for everyone in Yangon!

I’ve lived in Yangon for 6 months and this is the best thing I’ve done. Found so many new gems and had such a great time with our passionate and informative guide. Highly recommend to newcomers and old hands alike!
— Libby from New Zealand
— へんネコ from Japan
If you are interested in seeing Yangon with a different perspective, understanding more how the city works, get to know very unique and nice local food.... and also having fun, I fully recommend this tour!! Was a fantastic experience to us!
— Ligia from Brazil
Yangon street food tour
Educational, very thoughtful and absolutely delicious breakfast tour!! I really enjoyed myself and would highly recommend this experience!
— Tresta from USA
He took us through sizzling local markets and street food stalls offering delicious Burmese food. I can highly recommend this to any one! Also worth mentioning is that this tour is highly enjoyable as a vegetarian as well, a lot of dishes does not have meat! Thanks!
— Jesper from Sweeden
An amazing food tour - so much insight into Yangon street life

We did a food tour in late May 2017. The food was amazing, the guide was awesome and the finish to the night over a few beers was great. It is great value for money, you won’t regret it.
— Ben from Australia
Where to get great faloodah and lassi -Yangon Street Food Walking Tour