The Markets of Yangon Tour

The most fascinating and thought provoking places to explore in Yangon are the markets and we know all the nooks and crannies. Here we'll give you an insight into the daily lives of Myanmar shoppers, surrounded by weird and wonderful produce, merchants and their handicrafts.

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As far as we are concerned, Yangon's Markets are among the greatest attractions of the city, where hard working locals keep the city supplied with exotic produce and daily commodities. The nature of these social hubs have a far more special place in the community than soul-less supermarkets or shopping malls and it's Sa Ba's pleasure to take you right into the heart of these fascinating theaters of Yangon market life.

Markets of Yangon Tour
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We've chosen our must-see markets. Places full of energy and atmosphere where photo and learning opportunities are in abundance. Each market is different from the last so we can give you a truly all-round grass-roots experience while getting the chance to eat some delicious food, people-watch and immerse yourself in the real Yangon.

What you'll see:

San Pyar Fisherman Docks – This is the tough, energetic epicentere of the Yangon fish trade and no Disney Land but absolutely fascinating . Where hard working armies of dockers unload and sort bounties of fresh-water and salt-water fish before being haggled over by chefs, restaurant suppliers and market sellers then distributed throughout the city.

The Banana and Coconut Jetty – With clear views of the expansive Yangon River you'll quite possibly have never seen so many banana's or coconuts in one place! Here we can explain how these important products in Myanmar life are used in local cooking while seizing the opportunity to taste the freshest bananas and drink a coconut.

The Spice and Produce Market – Theingyi Zay in the heart of downtown is a truly local haunt where the stimulating aroma of spices flood the air and as we lead you along a complex maze of narrow alleyways we can show merchants mixing perfumes or home-made medicines, sacks of spices and dried goods, tropical fruits and vegetables you might not recognise, a butchery section where meat is so fresh it's often still alive.


Bogoyke Market (closed Mondays) – This British built market dates back to 1926 and was originally called Scott Market. Nowadays the tight-knit alleys of cobblestone streets are lined with merchants selling traditional handicrafts, antiques and an an abundance of Myanmar's famous precious gems e.g. rubies, sapphires, jade and amber containing creatures several millions of years old. We can even show you around the black-market traders that do their deals from tea-shops among the market's alleyways.

Traditional Myanmar Lunch – Of course Yangon’s food is our specialty so in between the markets we'll stop in at one of our favourite lunch spots for a lunch of traditional Myanmar food.

Mohinga Breakfast - Let’s get the day started with Myanmar’s favourite breakfast dish of rice noodles served in a delicous catfish broth and garnished with various crunchy toppings.

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