Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Tour (Yangon)

Bourdain pictured in Bagan, Myanmar

Bourdain pictured in Bagan, Myanmar

A travelling chef, author, philosopher and an icon to many. Bourdain was the first person in recent Myanmar history to film the nation’s diverse and delicious flavours in the first ever episode of the award winning CNN television show, Parts Unknown, in 2013.

For those who like to see the real side of life and eat what locals eat – join Sa Ba to follow in the footsteps of Bourdain, eat at the same places and explore the same cultural sites and stories he marveled at.

This tour can be a full day in Yangon or follow his route all the way to Bagan for two more nights amongst the ancient temples.

Stream the full episode for free on (click here)

Anthony Bourdain - CNN Parts Unknown Myanmar (Burma)

-Menu of the day-

  • Mohinga

  • Sweet bean pastries

  • Freshly baked tandoor nan

  • Pig ear salad with kaffir lime leaf

  • Penny leaf salad

  • Samosa salad

  • King prawn and tomato curry

  • Beer by the docks

  • Tealeaf salad

  • BBQ on 19th street