An Ode to Myanmar Snacks and the Vendors Cries

An ode to Myanmar street snacks written by an 80yr old local. I like the sound of the singing contest between vendors held in 1942. Still today I hear some beautiful voices walking amongst the vendors.

"Problems loom for street vendors: The authorities in Myanmar's big cities are pushing them away. In Yangon, around Chinatown, at the corner of Mahabandoola street, hawkers are on the YCDC’s radar. This is regrettable. Not only are they the lifeline of many families, but they feed a large part of the population. This is especially true for workers with long hours, and often with several jobs, who cannot afford to sit down in a restaurant or tea shop, but much prefer snacking on the go.

Oldies like myself will miss the street vendors, their soups, their snacks, their sights and their cries."

Checkout the full article here on the Myanmar Times Website